We are comprised of independent service providers who create their own schedules, set their own prices and create their own policies. For more information on our service providers, please check out Our Team. Incorporating any of our services into your wellness routine will bring you many benefits that may improve overall health and well-being.

Medical Massage

Service Time        Rebecca              Cassandra     
Wellness Massage       60 minutes       77.00 65.00
Wellness Massage 90 minutes 107.00 95.00
Intrusive Massage 60 minutes 127.00  
Intrusive Massage 90 minutes 97.00  
Enhanced Facial Massage   67.00  
Lava Stone Deep Tissue Massage 90 minutes 127.00  
Raindrop Essential Oil Massage 90 minutes   115.00
Warm Bamboo Massage 90 minutes   95.00
Massage and Reiki 90 minutes 127.00 115.00
Massage and Reflexology 90 minutes 127.00  
Massage and Craniosacral Therapy          90 minutes 127.00  
Back and Shoulder Massage 60 minutes 77.00 65.00
Back and Shoulder Massage 50 minutes   55.00
Foot Massage 45 minutes   50.00
Maternity Massage 60 minutes 82.00  

Holistic Therapies

Service Time Rebecca Cassandra
Chakra Balancing with Reiki 50 minutes 77.00  
Reflexology 50 minutes 77.00  
Craniosacral Therapy 50 minutes 77.00  
Reiki Healing Session 50 minutes 77.00 65.00
Reiki Healing Session 90 minutes   95.00
Massge and Reiki 90 minutes 127.00 115.00
Massage and Reflexology 90 minutes 127.00  
Massage and Craniosacral Therapy  90 minutes 127.00  
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Cancellation Policy

In order to provide you and all of our valued guests with superior customer service, we ask that you are on time for your appointments. If, for any reason, you must cancel, please provide us with 24 hours advanced notice. We understand that life happens, and we will accommodate you as best we can. Our independent service providers create their own policies, including scheduling and cancellation policies.

Thank you for your understanding.

Tips to Saving Money

Here are a few tips to saving you money on massage therapy:

  1. Ask your doctor or chiropractor for a prescription. There are many reasons a massage may be medically necessary including, but not limited to, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety/depression, nervous disorders, IBS, other digestive disorders, and overall stress management.

  2. Use your FSA/HSA. As a medical facility, we are able to accept these methods of payment. (We do not accept insurance at this time, however.) You can also purchase packages of massages so you do not lose your money at the end of the year. We will provide you with a receipt for your records.