Essentail Oils for Women's Halth

by Cassandra Philpot

October 3, 2016

To continue the theme for October, I’m going to list a few essential oils that will help with some health issues women suffer from. I do hope this helps some of you ladies out there.

The first oil I’ll be talking about is Clary Sage Essential oil. This is supposed to be the big one for women’s health. It helps with a few different things. It has been shown that it reduces cortisol levels by 36% and improves thyroid hormone levels. It also has been known to help with menstruation and menopause. Its biggest known factor is it helps balance out estrogen production in the body, which a lot of well known health issues come from today. It helps to ease discomfort from menstruation, mood swings, and depression.

Chamomile is another great one for menstrual issues. It’s supposed to help with pain and discharge during this time. Also, it can help to relieve labor pains.

Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils out there. Not only does it smell amazing it has some awesome benefits. It can help with sleep and stress. If you have PMS or hormonal issues it helps balance those out. It offers pain relief for abdominal cramps, reduces depression and relieves headaches.

These are some of my favorite smells out there. I love sage and lavender so much! These are only a few oils that can help with women’s health issues. If you would like to purchase any essential oil from Rebecca or myself, we both would love to help you out. Just let us know and we can get you started on your Young Living Essential Oil journey today.

Celebrating 5 Years!

by Rebecca Geiger

September 1, 2016

Five years ago was a compilation of defining moments in my life. On April 29, 2011 my husband and I closed (and moved into) our new house in Mt. Washington. On July 19, 2011, we welcomed Taylor Geiger into the world. On September, 1, 2011, I signed a lease to open Karma Wellness Studio. It was quite the load, but I believe in the old saying “You are not given what you cannot handle.” This year, Taylor started kindergarten, we celebrate five years at Karma Wellness Studio and I need new siding on my home. I love it!

I am so thankful that you trust me to be part of your self-care routine. . I really love being a massage therapist and I love sharing my passion with you. To be honest, it is like meditation to me. I hear your guidance, completely zone out, feel the energy, and proceed as directed. I really believe in the power of touch and the profound health benefits massage and bodywork provide. I thank you for continuing to let me share this with you. It is making both of our lives’ better.

I want to give a special Thank You to Cassandra Philpot. I am grateful for you, too. I started this business with the intention of sharing it with other service providers who care about the people of our community and the suede as much as I do. I never found that until you. You are the model I refer to when I consider adding members to our team. You are professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a great massage therapist. I respect you. I am honored to work with you. Thank you for letting me be part of you journey and business. I look forward to working alongside you for many years to come. And my massage next week!

It was my dram for years and it is my reality now. I am happy where I am at. I am so grateful to be saying this right now, so thank you so very much. It has been a true honor to serve this community, and I look forward to the next five years!

Much love and gratitude,

Rebecca Geiger, LMT

Bedtime Massage for Kids

by Rebecca Geiger

August 7, 2016

The children also go through a transition, and may need some extra attention (and we may need more patience with them). Transitioning from a lax bedtime throughout the summer to a consistent earlier hour may be a bit difficult at first; it is for Taylor. Although I did start an earlier bedtime routine mid-July, it is still sometimes tough to get to bed on time. Since sleep is very critical to the success of a child in school, it is important to me to make sure she goes to bed at a reasonable time and falls asleep fast. In order to accomplish this, I often give her my 5 on 5 in 5 Bedtime Massage.

The bedtime massage is a series of 5 gentle strokes on 5 general areas in only 5 minutes. You don’t need lotion, oil or music, and it really works. All you need is a few minutes, silence and a blanket covering your child’s body. The blanket allows for gliding and that is why you don’t need any products. Incorporate the use of Sleepylze as Cassandra describes below. To perform my 5 on 5 in 5 Kiddo’s Bedtime Massage, follow this simple protocol beginning with child lying face up:

Feet and Legs- both can be massaged at the same time, if you wish. Perform 5 compressions (gentle squeezes) while holding the feet in your hands. Then, while still holding the feet, use your thumbs and perform 5 circles on the heels. Perform 5 gentle strokes beginning at the ankles, moving toward the hip and then towards the feet; up and then down, slowly with firm yet gentle pressure.

  1. Arms and hands- Perform 5 gentle strokes to each arm beginning at the wrist, moving toward the shoulder and then towards the hand; up and then down, slowly with firm yet gentle pressure. Like the feet, hold the hands and perform 5 gentle compressions to each hand and 5 thumb circles on each palm.
  2. Have child flip over and turn head to one side for comfort.
  3. Back of Legs- may also do both at the same time. Perform 5 gentle strokes beginning at ankles, moving toward the hip and then towards the feet; up and then down, slowly with firm yet gentle pressure.
  4. Back- Perform 5 gentle strokes with both hands starting at the belt line, gliding along the spine towards the head (not directly on the spine, have your hands spread apart a few inches). Once you are about to round over the shoulders, circle both hands outward and perform 5 simultaneous circles as you move back to the belt line to start again. Perform 5 sequences total.
  5. Scalp- using both hands, cup the back of the child’s head with one hand and support the forehead with your other hand, gently stoke the scalp 5 times by spreading your fingers out and then back in while providing gentle yet firm pressure to the scalp.

Pat your child on the back and give them a kiss good night.

Giving massage to your children will relax them and increase their circulation. It improves their overall health and wellbeing just like it does for adults. More specifically, it really helps to alleviate growing pains, it improves quality of sleep, it improves school performance and behavior, and helps recover from injury quicker. Giving massage to your child can be a positive bonding experience for you and for them. This is a great way to show them love and to teach them about what is, and the benefits of, positive touch.

Back to School Tool for Mom & Dad

by Rebecca Geiger

August 5, 2016

Getting back into (or beginning) your school year routine can be stressful for both the parents and the children. My daughter, Taylor, just started kindergarten, and I am surprised how much change is really happening. She was in preschool for two years, but it was only for a couple hours a few days a week. I did not have to pack a lunch every day, get up super early, or miss her too much. So, I totally feel what you are going through, and I am here to help.

The physical and emotional demands of transitioning to a new chapter can take a toll on your body, so it is supper important to maintain a personal self-care routine. I would like to help your transition be a smooth one. To relieve your physical stress, come in and get a massage from Cassandra or I. To relieve your emotional stress, come in and get a Reiki session with Cassandra or I. Have physical and emotional tension? Enjoy a 90 minute combo of the two services for $127 and $115, respectively. This is my personal favorite to receive because it works on both planes; it relieves anxiety and worry, and it makes me feel like a new person.

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