Good Moms

By Rebecca Geiger

May 2016

Rebecca wrote this poem a few years ago when she was struggling to define a "Good Mom." She had never had an example of this in her life. So, when she became a Mom, she started to really question what a "Good Mom" is and if she was one. By expressing her thoughts on paper, she realized that we all are Good Moms if we just try to do the right thing and love our children unconditionally. There aren't specific rules to follow; you just do your best.

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Experience Joy

by Cassandra Philpot

May 2016

There are 10 different essential oils that make up the Joy blend. Together they make an uplifting and welcome aroma for yourself and family. The oils in this blend are: bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, roman chamomile, palmarosa, and rose. This blend can be used on yourself and in the home to uplift moods, bring togetherness, and love. Here are some ways you can incorporate Joy into your life;

You can add a few drops to plain lotion and use it when you need a mood boost.
You can add a few drops to a relaxing bath to release negative energy and welcome new peaceful energy.
Add a few drops to a diffuser in the home to balance energy and increase love between you and your family.
Rub a few drop on your heart and bottoms of your feet to increase energy.
You can add a few drops to cotton balls and place around your car, or get a car diffuser.
You can dilute and massage into muscles for increased energy.
Place a few drops on a cloth and put into your dryer for wonderful smelling clothes.
It can also help with irritability and libido.
No matter what you find to do with this oil, it will boost you energy levels, relax you, and bring the feeling of love to your heart. (Also it makes a great Mother's Day gift for that loving and hard working mother in your life.) ;D
*Note* If you are allergic to any of the oils in this blend do not use. Also, only use a few drops as the oils are very potent and can irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, please be careful when using oils directly on your skin.*
If you are interested in purchasing this blend, or any Young Living oil, please contact Rebecca or Cassandra. This potent blend is $54.93 plus tax and shipping, fyi.

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