Essential Oils for Headache Relief

Headaches are a very common thing among many people in the world. Some people have worse headaches than others, but no matter what, headaches are awful. Massage is a wonderful way to go about getting help with headaches. I know, not everyone can get in for a massage when a headache strikes, but I can give you a few tips that might help relieve one anywhere. 

Essential oils are amazing at helping relax, clam, and make you feel you better. Here a few oils that help relieve a headache:
  • Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory, sinus headaches
  • Helichrysum - powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Lavender - anti-inflammatory, sedative properties. Good for alleviating headaches at night.
  • Roman Chamomile - same as Lavender, anti-inflammatory and sedative. Also good for alleviating headaches at night.
  • Peppermint - High amounts of menthol, which is known to help relax and ease tension for headaches and muscle pain. Stimulating and may interfere with sleep
  • Spearmint - Most recommended for headaches. High amount of menthol

  • Now I'm going to tell you a few things you can do with these oils to help with headaches. What you'll want to do first is get a carrying oil ( JoJoba oil, sweet almond oil). There are other carrier oils out there that you can use. You can look more up online.

     Then you'll want to take which ever oil listed from above you are going to using and combined the oil and carrying oil together in a bottle. You'll want to use about 10-12 drops of essential oil for 1 oz. of carrier oil. Then you can take the mixed up oils put a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and massage the oils onto your forehead, back of the neck, and temples. Make sure not to get any near your eyes. Also, you might want to use more or less oils as needed. Sometimes too much essential oils scent can make a headache worse. 

     There are other things you can do with these oils as well, such as making a mist to spray onto your bed at night. Lavender is a great one for this. You'll need a spray bottle, distilled water, and lavender essential oil. Use about 12-16 drops of essential oil and fill the bottle with distilled water. Shake and spray your bed. Be sure not to use too much of the spray or lavender, as it can act as a stimulant and keep you up.

    Also if you have a chronic headache or migraine issue this will not fix the problem, and neither will massage. You should talk to you doctor about chronic headache issues. Use massage and these essential oil tips only as a way to help get some relief, and only if you feel it will help.

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    Monday, 18 December 2017

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